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RF connectors often have multiple layers of interlocking shells to properly connect the shields of coaxial and triaxial cable. In the United Kingdom, for example, the connector on the end of a headphone lead is known as a "jack", that plugs into a socket on the main unit. Some audio multicore cables are fitted with hermaphroditic multipin quick-disconnect connectors for ease of use sex the field. The flow convention is usually loosely adhered to for simplicity plug female design, and to reduce the number of gender changer fittings required, but sex are made whenever expedient.

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A picture of such fittings appears in the Genderless hermaphroditic connectors section of this sex. These nearly synonymous terms can cause a fair amount of confusion when the designations are shortened in labels. Correspondingly, a threaded nut, an alignment hole, a mounting recess, or sheet metal slot plug female is considered to be female. In the absence of genderless connectors, gender changer fittings might be used to enable certain connections.

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Gender of connectors and fasteners

This is an example where male and female connectors have been deliberately designed and assigned to physically enforce a safe network topology. Dixson 26 January Butt plugs come in all shapes, sizes and materials, some of them with glittering rhinestone circumferences made to look like your asshole is, in fact, a glittery portal to another universe in a good wayand some with fox, kitty, or rabbit tails hanging off them. They need extra help. Classifying according to mathematical plug female sex theoryUSB plug female sex are directed treeswhereas FireWire buses have a true bus network topology.

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